5 signs you’re in the wrong career

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It’s not always obvious, but it’s a fact – a large majority of us are not entirely happy with our job roles. While work is (at its most basic level) a means of staying above the poverty line, it is still something that takes up a vast amount of our time and effort, and has an enormous effect on our overall wellbeing.

The bottom line?  Your job shouldn’t make you miserable.  If one or more of the below points apply to you, it’s time to take a harder look at your career goals in 2015.

1. You’re bored most of the time.

If you aren’t passionate about your career, there’s very little in your daily work schedule that you will find exciting; this will naturally lead to boredom and unhappiness.  Maybe you find your role is stifling your creativity, or maybe you just aren’t challenging yourself.  Working in a career that you love – ideally in a role that will develop your natural talents and skillsets – will inevitably make the workplace more stimulating.

2. You don’t get along with your workmates.

Do you find your co-workers painful to get along with?  There could be more to it than just a clashing of personalities.   If you share no common values with the people who share your workspace, it can be difficult to agree with each other.  You should be working with likeminded, passionate people who love what they do.

3. You don’t believe in the company’s values.

If you have no respect for what your company is doing, how can you respect yourself for following suit?  You don’t have to work for a tobacco giant or a fast-food chain to find your company’s values irrational or unethical.  It’s bound to get you down eventually.

4. Your work performance is suffering.

Without inspiration and enjoyment in the workplace, there is nothing to motivate you to do your best. You may find that you rarely try your hardest; perhaps you often get careless with projects, neglect tasks or miss important deadlines.  When you are working in a job that you are passionate about, you will not only find yourself giving 100%, you’ll also seek ways to expand your knowledge and develop professionally.

5. You hate Mondays.

Don’t blame Monday for that feeling of dread you get when that first morning alarm after the weekend goes off.  The ‘Monday blues’ are perfectly natural – but only when you lack passion for your job.  Make 2015 a year for change and get into your dream career, because there’s no reason to spend another year not loving what you do.  Martin can help you become a #MondayPerson sooner than you think.


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