“Long gone will be the days in which our commerce was dominated and monopolized by big box corporations, and in will come heart-centered businesses in which people will be offering services and products full of passion.”

Gabriela Taylor

The business world is changing and entrepreneurship is set to be a big part of that change.

According to entrepreneurship academic, Professor John Breen, the changing nature of ‘work’ has greatly impacted Gen Y in particular. “They’re more aware that lots more people have to create their own careers,” he writes.

Let’s look at just a few of the factors that have affected (or will affect) the increasingly important role that entrepreneurship will play in the future.

Digital environment

Today’s entrepreneur can run his or her business from anywhere with an internet connection. Gabriela Taylor uses the term ‘digital nomad’, to refer to someone who offers intangible services through the web. “Being a digital nomad means being in a business that virtually has no limits and here, someone can do what they are most passionate about on their own terms,” writes Taylor.

It undoubtedly takes some discipline to work for yourself, especially if you’re travelling, but changing roles and workplace structures will make it increasingly the norm. It’s never been more flexible for entrepreneurs to be able to work around the clock to get their ideas off the ground.

Personal brand

Entrepreneurs are passionate people, and working for themselves allows them to stay true to their personal brand. “The integrity of what you build, what you represent, and the passion that you have to offer people doesn’t have to be sacrificed when you’re the one in charge,” writes Taylor. We live in an age where our personal brands are “permanently engraved and displayed in real time”, making them more significant than ever.

Entrepreneurs are producing brands that are true to their visions and values, and a more authentic customer experience as a result.


According to Forbes contributor Jason Nazar, your network is your key currency in today’s working world. Good entrepreneurs know the value of networking and the significance that connections play.

“It will always be who you know that gives you the competitive advantage in business. Exposing that network publically on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ gives you credibility and influence to open even more doors,“ writes Nazar.

No financial barriers

Hello credit card, hello new business! Technologies have made it easier and more affordable than ever to get a new company off the ground, even if that starts with a simple website.

Whether you’re looking to upskill and add new qualifications to your portfolio, or ultimately work for yourself and start your own business, Martin can help you make it a reality.

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