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A chat with Gerard Ward, Director of Vieple

The ‘jobscape’ is changing, and along with it, the whole hiring and recruitment process.

One company at the forefront of exciting new interview technology is Vieple, a simple and efficient video interviewing platform which allows businesses to conduct remote and first round interviews.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Director Gerard Ward to get his expert views on the impact of technology and the future of the job interview and recruitment process.

How did you start the business?

“My background is in tech and volume recruitment, and it was a matter of looking where the market was going. With the onset of smartphones, videophone was looking to be the future,” says Gerard.

Gerard believed that video interviewing would easily replace phones, and it certainly looks like he’s right. Since the launch of the Vieple, the number of employers using the technology have nearly doubled every year, with about 40% of large employers and government employers using it in the interview process today.

Some of the benefits of Vieple include:

– Video interviewing allows employers to get a real understanding of the candidate’s character and strengths. “It brings better candidates forward earlier,” says Gerard. “That direct link to high-quality candidates gives employers the potential for huge cost savings.”

– The technology allows for flexibility, with employers able to screen candidates anywhere – even with an iPad on a beach somewhere.

– The ability to go back, review and share videos can be extremely useful, particularly if the recruiter doesn’t completely understand the context for a role or if an ideal candidate has been overlooked. “[Employers] can always go back and relook at those videos,” says Gerard. “Nothing has been lost into the ether.”


What companies are using Vieple technology?

Vieple services some major clients, including CPA Australia, Nab, Aldi, Medibank, Australia Post and Virgin Australia – just to name a few

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever heard during a video interview?

One Vieple client in Sydney had an interview where both candidates accidentally cursed! “One turned off the camera immediately, while the other gathered her thoughts and kept going,” says Gerard. “Things you think are terrible aren’t actually that bad during an interview!”

Another interesting candidate chose to record her interview questions while running on the treadmill!

“She must have had free Wi-Fi at the gym,” says Gerard. We’re not clear on whether her unique approach gave her the competitive edge or not, but it’s still amusing.

As a tech employer, what are you looking for in an employee?

“Someone who can easily learn, and who wants to keep learning new things,” says Gerard.

As well as learning agility, resilience is an important skill to have.

“Life isn’t always a bucket of roses,” he says. “Being able to take those knocks every day but keep on innovating and coming up with new ideas – that’s a great quality to have.”

What do you predict will be the next big movements or trends in the tech industry?

“We’re already 4 years old and the pace of recruitment is changing so quickly with tech advances,” says Gerard. “Video interviewing could be dead and replaced completely with different a technology within 6 years.”

With the pace accelerating and changing in all industries, Gerard can’t say what the future holds, but he is confident that students will be at the forefront of exciting change.

“There’s no doubt that a huge amount of change and disruption can be expected in this industry,” he says, “but students are best placed to make that disruption.”

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