It is a sunny morning, the birds are chirping and the dog’s tail is banging on the bedside table just to let you know he is awake. You roll around in the sheets knowing that your alarm is about to go off any minute – what do you do? Do you 1 – hit the snooze button (you just need a few more minutes); 2 – turn the alarm off and go back to sleep (it’s not as if you’ve chucked that many sickies) or do you 3 – jump out of bed ready to take on the day?

Well if you are like the majority of people we have asked, being excited about going to work on any day (let alone on a Monday) is probably not happening. Well that just doesn’t sound right to us here at Martin, which is why we offer a range of business and marketing, design and technologies and tourism and event subjects to individuals right around Australia so they can get excited about going to work every day!


How can you stop feeling guilty and make that career change?

Making a move forward in your professional life can be a scary process (after all you do have those bills to pay). So how do you stop feeling guilty about your decision to change jobs and just get on with it? Well why not repeat these four mantras the next time you begin to question yourself and discover how easy it can be to become a Monday person.

1. Professionals are expected to grow
2. The company doesn’t feel guilty so why should you?
3. Staying in your job out of guilt won’t do anyone any good
4. You deserve to be excited by your job and your future prospects

Are you feeling empowered & ready to tackle a new career? Not sure how the news is going to go down with your boss? Then why not read this article and learn how to leave your old workplace gracefully and without having burned any bridges.

Contact us today and stop feeling guilty instantly!

Are you feeling less guilty about making a career change? Want to know how Martin can help you get into your dream career sooner? Then just contact one of our Student Enrolment Advisors today and together we can help you feel guilt-free about pursuing and living your career dreams. After all everyone deserves to be a Monday person!

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