Secrets of the super successful

Posted on 10/05/2016 by admin

While there are no secret formulas for success, the majority of successful individuals do seem to share a number of very good habits. These tend to revolve around determination, self-discipline and an outstanding work ethic – all elements that keep them at the top of their game.

So what do the most successful people have in common? Quite a few things, as it turns out.

1. They work hard. REAL hard. They know that anything worthwhile requires real effort.

2. They never stop learning. Successful individuals take every opportunity to reinvent themselves and add to their existing skills and knowledge. They take joy in discovering new experiences and see the benefits that these have on the evolution of their ideas and plans.

3. They set goals. And they stick to them. They know that there’s no motivation quite like working toward the bigger picture, and that’s something that has to be carefully planned.

4. They always exceed expectations. Going above and beyond is the norm for successful people. Instead of looking for the most basic way to complete a task, they view it as a challenge to come up with something really unique and outstanding.

5. They are flexible. While they are organised and follow a plan, successful people know that they need to be agile in their decision making. They are well aware that industry trends never stay current for long, and they anticipate and prepare for necessary changes.

6. They are confident. They take responsibility for and stand by their decisions – even if they turn out to be the wrong ones. Successful people will not let a wrong turn get to them; they will look for new solutions and try again.

7. They create. Successful people aren’t ones to passively consume content, like reading blogs or watching TV. Sure, they do that too – but they know the joy and benefits of creating. They love building on their ideas and watching them come to life.

8. They find balance. They know that letting any one area of their lives become all-consuming is unhealthy and that finding a balance between the diverse aspects is key. They may focus on their work 100% while they are at the office, but the phone & emails get switched off for family time.

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