Upskilling Series Part 2: Advertising

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When we’re starting out in our careers, we tend to focus on the ‘now’, without thinking too much about how one job will lead to the next. Progressing in your career requires you to be proactive – and that’s where upskilling comes in.

Upskilling is the process by which you actively seek out new skills, training and education to make you an all-round superstar candidate – for your dream role, no less.

If can see yourself in an advertising role, here are some tips on keeping your skills current, and keeping you ahead of the curve.


1. Get the qualification

Martin’s Diploma of Advertising (BSB50115) is perfect for motivated creatives looking to break into the industry, offering a combination of advertising, marketing and communication subjects.

Feeling ambitious already? You can add on just four additional subjects to graduate with a Diploma of Business (BSB50215) as well – that’s upskilling built right into the course!

2. Keep an eye on your competitors

In today’s competitive landscape, knowing what your competitors are doing is vital. Whether it’s a top brand that’s leading by shining example, or a questionable one demonstrating what not to do, keeping an eye on your opponents will keep you best placed for success.

3. Follow the industry leaders

Subscribe to the blogs of advertising industry experts and watch as the latest tricks and trends arrive in your inbox. Some of the top ones include Hubspot, Adlands, and Seth Godin’s blog.

Another great site to check out is the Ads of the World blog. It’s “like visiting an advertising museum*,” and a must-view for anyone making their way in the industry.

4. Attend events

Shows put on by the likes of the same industry leaders are always worth going to (and not just because the last Marketo event had a lolly bar).

Put yourself out there to meet industry professionals, and ask them their advice and opinions on things relevant to your own career progression. They’ll definitely have some great insights to share.

(Feeling a bit shy? See earlier blog on how to network here.)

5. Get reading

As well as staying on top of your daily blog intake, there are a number of great books on advertising that will not only teach you a huge amount, but also help to shift your mindset into that of an advertising mastermind.

We recommend Ogilvy on Advertising and Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

6. Get specialised skills

Sure, you might know everything there is to know about advertising (thanks to your time at Martin), but it’s the specialised skills that will make you stand out to employers. Key skills like:

– Persuasive writing

– Communications

– Marketing analytics

– Design skills / Adobe Suites

These all have the potential to push you forward in your advertising career.

Become the next big thing in Advertising

You can’t upskill without having a strong base to work from. Kick off your career journey on the right foot with Martin’s Diploma of Advertising (BSB50115) and get started today. Call our team directly on 1300 762 129 or contact us by clicking the button below.



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