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Martin, meet Brightly – Your hub of inspiration!

Your time at Martin should be filled with positive and transformational experiences – both inside and outside of the classroom. When it comes time for you to graduate, Martin wants you to feel confident that you’re prepared to enter the next chapter of your life. We believe that confidence and skills come from engagement with peers, mentors, experts and tools that guide you along your journey.

Introducing Brightly…

Brightly lives by 3 words: Community, Inspiration and Career. Launched just last month, our new student hub connects you with a community of fellow learners, trailblazers and industry experts.

Basically, Brightly is here to help you become the best version of yourself. You’ll get inspiration through real world learning and support for your career journey with access to a ton of resources.

Martin students will get exclusive access to inspiring events and industry experts – to sum up, endless learning opportunities! From help with writing your CV, practicing for a job interview, getting tips to be more time efficient or simply finding cosy spots to study around your city, Brightly has lots on offer!

As Martin students/alumni, access to this pool of resources is right at your fingertips! Brightly will equip you with the tools to help you discover your skills, explore your career pathway and find a job you love!

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Join the @brightlyanz community on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn  and share your experiences with #brightlyanz. Connect with thousands of students from the Study Group family of colleges, mentors, experts and educators sharing ideas about how to succeed through learning.



Be inspired by amazing events, workshops, advice and stories from the Brightly network of students, trailblazers, alumni and industry experts.




Log into Brightly Career Hub using your student ID and Password to shape your career and life with a world of career tools, advice, self-development modules and support while you’re studying and as you graduate and transition into your next life stage.


Start Here, Go Places. Visit to begin shaping your future.

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