Shelsa Ng recently completed her Diploma of Web Development (ICT50615) at Martin and graduated as the Dux at last month’s graduation ceremony in Sydney (woohoo!).

Shelsa is an outstanding student in web design and development, so we decided to ask her for a few tips.

What skills do you see as essential for working in the tech industry?

“The tech industry as a whole is a vast industry – we are talking about elements of technical, mechanical, electrical and so on,” says Shelsa. “There is – in my opinion – no one skill better than the others when it comes to the tech industry. The growth that we as consumers get to enjoy in the modern day is due to the diligence of the industry as a whole.”

Shelsa does, however, believe that certain skills can be exceptionally useful for getting ahead. “Keep an open mind, be creative, and be bold,” she says.

What is your favourite thing about studying/working in this industry?

Since her recent graduation, Shelsa has been involved in a number of exciting projects with a few of her past lecturers and peers.

“Besides the opportunity to do what I love to be doing, it’s the ability to make something useful for others; to contribute to the society,” she says.

What was the most valuable thing you learned in your course?

“Perhaps outside the education, I learned to be more disciplined and also to prioritise better,” says Shelsa.
What do you predict will be the next big movements in IT?

“Mobile apps are the craze presently – everybody wants in on it,” says Shelsa. “With the introduction to Virtual Reality (VR) goggles though, I think we might see a shift in application design; we could be moving from 2D interface to 3D interface in the next few years.”

With her multitude of skills in design, web development and multimedia, there’s no doubt that Shelsa is set to make a big impression on the industry. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

A big thank you to Shelsa for sharing with us!

Learn more about Martin’s Diploma of Web Development (ICT50615) here.

Shelsa_geo – I made this website for my sister who runs an online shop in Indonesia. The site was made a while ago in 2012 and she is still getting regular orders.


Wadjet Eye Games – They are an indie game developer based in New York. One day they mentioned they wanted a web designer to make a new website for them in their newsletter. I was in the middle of deciding for my major project for my Bachelor of Arts degree – so I contacted them to ask if I could have a try (with no obligation to use). They have been using the site since it went live almost 3 years ago.

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