Where do you turn for inspiration? Do you have a favourite blog, Facebook or Instagram account you follow? Well if you’re looking for a little extra inspiration to boost your next project, then you’re in luck! We’ve had a chat to our experts over at Martin and they’ve sent over their favourite tumblr and Instagram accounts.

So get your phone out, log into your account and get ready to add a few more inspirational creatives to your list.

Where does an expert get inspiration?

Trolling Instagram or flipping through the latest Frankie magazine is great for getting your creative juices flowing, but have you ever wondered how the experts find inspiration? To get to the bottom of this burning question, we had a chat to our very own expert – Stephen Morrison, Program Manager for the School of Design Technologies.

tumblr_logoWe asked Stephen to list his four favourite sources of inspiration and he definitely sent over a couple of winners!

Our favourite Graphic Design Instagram accounts

Collected from the creative geniuses in the Martin Marketing department (hi guys), your next project is sure to be next level awesome when you follow these Inspirational Instagram accounts.  smack_bang_design illustree  cool_hunter  jean_jullien  sean_wes andreasmhansen  zacharysmithh  moongraphy  brightbazaar  melbourne_notebook  jealous_currator  behance  brandidentity  the_writting  design_milk
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