Generation Y, the generation all others love to hate because of its perceived poor work ethics, has now been uncovered as the age group most likely to want to change careers, even though they may have just started in one.

In a survey we did 81% of the same age group indicated they already hold or are studying towards additional qualifications outside of school, indicating that they might not stay in the same place for long if there’s no opportunity to advance their career using their qualifications as a stepping stone to a more satisfying future.

In addition while the 18-24 year olds stated they are relatively happy with their current jobs, one third claim they would definitely change if they could.

We also found that that the majority of Gen Y really understand the importance of further qualifications, with three quarters of those surveyed believing additional qualifications, such as a diploma in an area like business or management, will help them achieve their career change goals.

It seems that Gen Y are so good at multi-tasking that juggling work, study and leisure is normal for them.

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