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To keep learning interesting and to increase our teachers’ capacity to support students’ diverse learning styles, we use cutting-edge learning technologies at our campuses.

Whether you are a visual or a practical learner, learning technologies can help to increase your abilities to see, hear, organise, engage and remember information.  They turn our classrooms into stimulating and collaborative learning spaces – you can’t help but get inspired and motivated.

  • iMac computer labs – Where you can find them? Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney

These days, studying for a career without using a computer is like learning to ride a bike without actually having a bike. (It would certainly make it difficult.)

In our purpose-built iMac computer labs, you’ll find the latest software and free WiFi access – everything you need to complete your assignment to the highest standard (whatever you’re studying).

  • SMART boards & screens – Where you can find them? Melbourne, Brisbane

Our classrooms are fitted out with the latest version of the interactive flat panel SmartTech SMART board to make learning come to life in vivid detail. It uses ultra HD imagery and allows for collaboration by multiple students at the same time – for the ultimate group project experience!

The versatile screen can detect whether you are using your hand, a pen, or an eraser and automatically change modes to suit.

  • Lynda.com – All campuses and online

Technology changes quickly – to keep up, all Martin students have free access to Lynda.com – an online training site with 4 million+ subscribers that is available on any device! Their expert tutorials are recognised the world over. If you’re studying Design or IT, this means access to the latest Adobe Suite training, and for other subjects, Lynda.com can help with everything from presentations and public speaking to the Microsoft Office Suite.

To learn more about technologies and facilities at Martin’s campuses, visit our website here or ask our enrolment team.


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