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Need to get inspired for your next big creative project?

We caught up with Stephen Morrison, our Design & Technologies Program Manager in Melbourne, to get his expert opinion on movies that get the creative juices flowing.

And he did not disappoint. (We know what we’ll be streaming this week.)

Here are Stephen’s top three ‘movies that spark inspiration’, in no particular order:


Metropolis by Fritz Lang 1927

In this film, set in a futuristic sprawling metropolis that is highly segregated between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’, a prophet from the underclass predicts the coming of their salvation. The salvation comes in the unexpected form of the son of the city’s callous mastermind.

Why so inspiring?

Metropolis includes groundbreaking special effects, including a futuristic city of breathtaking scale and a robot that becomes the template for the depiction of robots in science fiction films from then onward.


Mon Oncle by Jacques Tati 1958

In this movie, the quirky Monsieur Hulot visits the style conscious and technological status-driven world of his sister and her upwardly mobile husband and nephew. Monsieur Hulot has trouble fitting in, but ultimately forges a strong bond with his nephew.

Why so inspiring?

This film is a gentle-paced comedy that pokes fun at our obsession with keeping up with ‘the Joneses’. It features hilarious spoofs of architecture, design and fashion from the late 1950’s, making it a must-see for any creative soul.


Blade Runner by Ridley Scott 1982

In this cult classic we visit a post-apocalyptic 21st century Los Angeles, where androids created as workers for dangerous and menial labour are now outlawed on Earth. The androids (known as Replicants), who have a four year life span are to be hunted down and killed; this is not known as murder but as ‘retirement’. This story pits Rick Deckard played by Harrison Ford against four Replicants who have come back to Earth to have their DNA modified.

Why so inspiring?

Bladerunner is an action packed sci-fi film that pays homage to film noir of the 1940’s whilst being set in a futuristic, dirty, polluted and soon to be abandoned Earth. The film contains many great analogue special effects, incredibly plausible and highly detailed sets, props, costumes and vehicles. (It also features an amazing soundtrack by Vangelis).


So there you have it! Thank you to Stephen for sharing with us. For more excellent suggestions, have a look at this article by HOW design listing their top 5 must-see movies for designers.


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