Ten tricks to positive thinking

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It’s January, and you probably have a list of goals you’re hoping to achieve in 2017. We’ve recently posted our guide to goal achievement eBook here, but we’ve still got a few more tricks up our sleeve to help you achieve success in 2017.

The secret? Think positive.

SuccessConsciousness.com defines positive thinking as “a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.”

Someone who is positive anticipates happiness and success, and believes they can overcome any obstacle. This might sound too good to be true – if we think good things, they’ll just manifest themselves? The reality is not far off!

We affect (and are affected by) everyone we meet – right down to a subconscious level – through words, thoughts, feelings and body language. Positivity draws people toward you and has a snowballing effect, setting you up for ongoing positive experiences.

For a more productive and positive outlook in 2017, see our ten tricks below:

  1. Think of a positive mantra to tell yourself. For example, “I’m blessed with amazing friends and family” or, “today is going to be a really good day”. Repeat it to yourself several times until you have no doubts that it’s true!


  1. Smile a little more. So simple! Also, give out genuine compliments freely.


  1. Focus on solutions rather than problems. Another way of looking at this is to focus on the now, and the future possibilities, rather than dwelling on past mistakes.


  1. Meditate. Push out stress and anxiety by clearing your mind – even just a few minutes of peaceful reflection each day will make a difference.


  1. Appreciate the little things. It’s easy to get so caught up in the negative stuff that we fail to notice the good stuff. Take a moment in your day to be grateful for all the positive things that happened, no matter how small they seem.


  1. Be persistent. The more you can encourage yourself to think positively, the more your mind will naturally make those positive connections. The brain has the power to rewire itself out of a negative feedback loop – you’ve just got to keep it up.


  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others – it’s a destructive cycle. Compare yourself to an older version of yourself instead, and see how much you’ve grown and what progress you’ve made.


  1. Exercise. It’s no secret that working out releases mood-boosting endorphins.


  1. See only the best in people. Sometimes we zone in on the things that irritate us, and that can cause us to overlook the good qualities in others. Make an effort to focus on positive assets, and not faults.


  1. Get inspired. Read a great book or watch a feel-good movie and you’ll start to realise there’s a whole heap of reasons to stay positive.





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