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As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, there are plenty of changes to be expected for the future of ‘work’ and the workplace. The workforce of tomorrow is likely to operate very differently from the way it does today.

We look at some predictions from business experts to paint a picture of trends we can expect to see over the next few years to 2020.

Self-employment will be the new norm

According to entrepreneur Micha Kaufman, freelancers will make up 50% of the labour force by the year 2020. There are a few reasons for his prediction:

– Online marketplaces for services mean traditional hiring is no longer viable. Businesses are increasingly turning to the web to find talent because it’s the cheapest and easiest way to do so, and in turn, individuals are using the web to find work. “It enables them to cast a wide net for employers and market themselves in creative ways,” writes Kaufman.

– Technology allows us to work from anywhere, at any time.

– Self-employment gives us control. “We make multiple career changes over the course of our existences, rather than sticking it out at one company,” writes Kaufman. “We’re constantly reinventing ourselves, trying to find our passions, do what we love, and lead fulfilling lives.” The flexibility of freelancing gives us much more control over our own time.

Corporations will be more socially responsible

With social media putting all a company’s dirty laundry out on display for the world, businesses will no longer be able to operate purely for profit – they’ll be held much more accountable for their decisions.

“[Companies] need to embrace corporate social responsibility to capitalise on a growing trend among consumers and make the world a better place,” writes Tiffany Apczynski,  Zendesk VP of public policy and social impact. “More than 90% of consumers around the world today will move to brands associated with a good cause.”

That means we can expect to see the needs of people and the planet prioritised, with measurable ‘successes’ that aren’t just related to revenue.

Everyone will become an entrepreneur

See why the future of business belongs to the entrepreneurs in our earlier blog here.

The cover letter will go extinct

(I can’t pretend I’m not a little bit excited about this one.)

According to career coach Ashley Stahl, the cover letter’s days are numbered. More and more people these days are finding jobs through networking (it’s all about who you know), and social media can provide all the necessary information much faster than it takes to read a letter.

Also, due to the rise of the freelancer, employers won’t waste time reading cover letters anymore. “They’ll want to see testimonials, impressive client portfolios and results,” writes Stahl.




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