Top 5 travel tips from Hello World’s Emma East

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Martin travel and tourism graduate Emma East currently works as a Reservations Team Leader for Hello World, a leading Australian-based travel company.

She credits her Martin Diploma of Travel and Tourism for preparing her with the organisational skills that are essential to her role.

“The most valuable thing I learned was to pay attention to detail when creating itineraries, as so much can go wrong!” she says. “A minor thing can end up costing the client or company a lot of money.”

Emma’s style of working is proactive and organised. “I ensure I am approachable and supportive to my team members,” says Emma. “It’s important to create a positive friendly atmosphere in the workplace.”

Despite the great vibes in the office, it’s out of the office where the real magic happens. “You live and breathe travelling [in this role],” says Emma. “You gain a lot of world knowledge without even realising it.”

Emma attends industry nights which are each based on a specific destination (and a great chance to gain product knowledge). She also gets to travel on an educational trip each year – all organised and paid by her workplace.

Emma is already a seasoned traveller, having seen most of Europe, Dubai, Malaysia, China, Canada, the United States and New Zealand (to name a few)! She’s keen to go skiing in the Swiss Alps and island hopping in Greece, so those are some of the next adventures on the bucket list.

Emma’s top tips for travellers:

1. Always get travel insurance

“The one time you don’t get it, something will happen.”

2. Keep a backup!

Emma recommends keeping a copy of your important documents (ie. passport and travel insurance) on you at all times.

3. Do your research

Before booking anywhere, educate yourself about the area, the accommodation, the local culture, food – everything. Read reviews to get feedback from others who have already made the trip/stayed there.

4. Carry some extras!

“Always carry a spare set of clothes in your carry on,” says Emma. If your case disappears, you don’t want to be wearing the exact same outfit for several days in a row.

5. Login with DFAT

Emma recommends visiting the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) website – it’s a great source of travel advice and essential passport and visa information.


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