Top Trend of 2016: Material Design

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If you live and breathe all things design, then chances are you have already heard about Material Design. Launched in June 2014 by the design deities at Google, this visual language incorporates flat design trends to create simplistic visuals. Used by both private companies and freelancers alike, this increasingly popular trend is making its way into marketing collateral, print layouts and website design right around the world.

So what do you need to know about 2016’s top design trend? Thankfully, our Martin lecturers have jotted down four facts about Material Design that will allow every designer to try this trend.

Fast facts about Material Design

1. Material Design is a constantly evolving visual language

2. Bold colours, clean lines, graphic typography and simple images are the foundations of this design trend

3. Google has created a colour palette that can be used by designers who work across platforms (print, websites, applications etc.)

4. Combine with a card based design to create a simplistic design that is totally on trend

Making material design (video)

Video courtesy of Google Design: 

2 minutes with Lulu, our Graphic Designer

What is Material design and who uses it?

Inspired by paper and ink, Material design applies paper like shadow and depth to simulate the space between each interface component. Perfect for designers who prefer clean lines, white spaces and grid layouts, this design trend is taking over the industry and the internet.

How do you use Material Design?

Due to an increasing number of my clients wanting a more simplistic look and feel, I have used material design to create numerous websites and blog templates.In order to create these designs, I utilise a range of creative techniques including sketching, model-making and photography – just to get the ‘look’ right.material_design

I also use a number of internet resources including colour palettes and snippets of code that I embed into the CSS of my current design project. Below are a list of my favourite internet resources so you can try this trend yourself:


 *special thanks to our graphic designer Lulu for giving us her expert opinion – even if we had to bribe her with coffee.


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