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Greg Wilson is no stranger to exotic countries. In fact, he’s been to nearly 100 of them. (95 if we’re really counting).

Greg is the Sheriff of Sales at Wide Eyed Tours, a travel company with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences, whether you’re a “beach bum, history buff, young family or retiree” – anyone who is looking for a bit of an adventure.

Martin students in Melbourne were lucky enough to have Greg speak at their campus recently, and then we got lucky enough to interview him about his travel career – a career nothing short of incredible.

How did you get into the travel industry?

Persistence! Greg travelled overseas for the first time at the age of 19, and then did a gap year with some mates. After returning home, it was clear that the travel bug had struck; Greg struggled to get back into a routine and decided to keep travelling for the next few years.

“I worked at a tour guide for a 18-35 tour company, did a season in a ski shop in Austria, a pub in London; I tried to get a regular career job in Australia afterwards and hated it,” says Greg.

After doing a travel course, Greg was lucky to get a position with the then still quite small Flight Centre.

greg_travel_article_imageWhat is your favourite thing about working in this industry?

“Travelling!” Touché, Greg – that may have been a stupid question.

What skills do you see as essential for working in the Travel & Tourism industry?

Greg believes a number of traits are important to succeed in the industry, including persistence, patience and commitment, but above all (excuse the cliché) – you’ve got to have a love for travel.

“I never get tired of talking about travel,” says Greg. “I even like other people’s travel photos!”

What’s on the bucket list? 

Having been to nearly 100 different countries, it’s hard to imagine what could possibly be left on Greg’s bucket list, but he’s still got some ambitious future travel plans.

“Although I’ve travelled in North Africa, I’ve never seen the animals in South/Central Africa; that’s on the list,” says Greg.

“The Northern Lights have always been high on the list, along with all the ‘Stan’ countries in Central Asia. And I’d like to revisit the big one – Everest – when my son gets old enough.”

What are your top tips for travellers?

We took our opportunity to ask our very seasoned traveller for his top travel tips, and he did not disappoint.

1. “Take a plug – every hotel has them nicked and I’m over jamming a sock in the drain!”

2. “Gents – take a suit. You can never be overdressed and it impresses everyone.”

3. “Take a good attitude. Things might be ‘nice, but not like home’.” What’s travel for if not for new experiences?

A big thank you to Greg for sharing with us; your career journey is nothing short of inspiring and you make us all want to run out and book a flight. We wish you all the best on your next big adventure, wherever it may be!

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