Upskilling Series Part 4: Marketing

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Upskilling is a natural part of career progression. It requires you to actively put yourself out there to learn new skills and get new qualifications under your belt. This continuous learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom, but everywhere and anywhere – and on a daily basis.

In the last part of our upskilling series, we look at the marketing industry and examine how you can keep your skills current and move forward in this fast-paced field.


1. Note what’s trending

Technology has made for some very exciting (and rapid) changes in the field of digital marketing. Personalisation, automation, and a focus on mobile are all already on the cards – what will be next? Follow the news about the latest in marketing skills and technologies and you’ll always be one step ahead of the curve.

2. Write it all down

In the world of marketing, ‘content is king’. You’re probably already an ideas machine – but get those ideas down on paper (or laptop). Write down all your thoughts, no matter how crazy they seem. Brainstorming with your team will soon hone those vague ideas into some amazing collaborative efforts and strategies.

It’s important not to underestimate the power of a little creative thinking – so much so, that it’s a good idea to block off some time in your calendar dedicated to creativity and brainstorming.

3. Learn from the experts

Since you know how important content is to contemporary marketing efforts, immerse yourself in it! Subscribe to the blogs of industry leaders, including Hubspot, Marketo  and the Content Marketing Institute.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from them – it’s pure marketing gold, delivered regularly to your inbox.

4. Sign up!

Sign up to every product or brand that you like, and think about what they are doing right. Take note of every detail about their advertising, their emails, their social media pages, and the events that they run. Think about the role each communication piece plays, how they fit together, and how their effectiveness might be measured – all vital for a marketer to consider.

5. Attend events

Marketers are a friendly bunch. Put yourself out there to meet others in the industry, and speak to them about things that are relevant to your role and career progression. They are sure to have some great tips and tricks to share.

The Australian Marketing Institute has a great events and training page with details of upcoming marketing events for both newbies and industry veterans.

(Not completely confident on how to meet and greet? See earlier blog on how to network here.)

6. Keep an eye on your competitors

Marketing is a competitive game, and the best players know what the other team is up to! Whether it’s a beautiful piece of marketing collateral or a witty tone in an email, observing what your competitors are doing well – anything that grabs your attention – is important to note. Take inspiration from the things they are doing well and adapt ideas to make them your own – and even better!

7. Get specialised skills

Marketing skills play an essential role in every industry, and marketing roles can really vary. If you’re more of a technical, process driven person, perhaps it’s the data and analytical side of marketing that fascinates you. If you’re more of a creative soul, you might prefer blogging or finding the perfect images to match the brand’s aesthetic.

Find out what makes you tick and then look to add to your skills in these areas. Key skills like:

– Persuasive and creative writing

– Communications

– Marketing analytics and drawing insights from data

– Design skills / Adobe Suite

– Coding / web design

These all have the potential to push you forward in your marketing career.

8. Get the qualification

Martin’s Bachelor of Business (Marketing) will introduce you to all things marketing. You’ll learn about market trends, brand management and analysing markets, and be able to choose the electives that will help you specialise in the areas you’re most passionate about.  You’ll get the most comprehensive training in this field and make your CV one that employers won’t be able to resist.


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