What’s your study style?

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When it comes to studying, we all learn a little differently.

Once you find out what your style is, you’ll be able to work in a way that helps you absorb information as quickly and efficiently as possible – and that means better results.

Take our very simple quiz to discover what type of learner you might be, and how you can boost your learning capabilities.


Which of these words describes you the best?

A. attentive

B. organised

C. active

When you are studying, your biggest distraction is:

A. any type of noise

B. being tempted to look around or out the window

C. getting restless – wanting to get up and move around

In general, when you’re bored you:

A. hum or talk to yourself

B. turn the television on

C. get up and talk a walk

If you’re lost somewhere, do you:

A. ask someone for directions

B. seek out a map

C. wander around until you find what you’re looking for

When you aren’t sure how to spell a word, do you:

A. spell it out loud to see if it sounds right

B. write it down to see if it looks right

C. trace the letters in the air


If you got mostly A’s, you are likely an AUDITORY LEARNER.

That means you understand the study material best when you are hearing and listening. Your brain stores information primarily by the way it sounds, which is why you work better with spoken instructions rather than written ones. You need to hear things – not just see them – in order to learn well.

How to boost your studying:

Read your notes out loud or have someone else read them to you; you can even record yourself and play the recordings back. Oral quizzing from a friend or family member is ideal – it will really help you practice and process the information.


If you got mostly B’s, you are likely a VISUAL LEARNER

Visual learners learn by reading or seeing pictures, and remember things best by sight. You may struggle to absorb information if it’s read out loud; you would much rather watch a video. You only really enjoy listening to information if it’s a story rich in imagery – and that’s because you can visualise it clearly in your mind.

How to boost your studying:

Use flashcards to revise, and make sure they are filled with as many pictures as possible to explain each concept. Visualise these pictures when you are studying – the more vivid, the better – and you’ll be able to recall these mental images later on. Colour coding is also really helpful to a visual learner – use colour in your notes to help you sort and categorise information.


If you got mostly C’s, you are likely a TACTILE LEARNER

If you’re a tactile learner, you need to physically get in on the action! You learn by touching and doing, which means you’ll want to get hands-on with the study material.

How to boost your studying:

Do whatever you can to make the information come to life for you, including activities like drawing, building – even acting out a scene. When you’re using flashcards, trace your finger over the words and pictures, and move the cards around in groups so that you can tangibly see relationships between ideas.

Practice by doing as many test quizzes as you can – once you’ve done a few, you’ll be well placed to ace the real thing.




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