Do you have a five year plan?

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Today’s blog is from a special guest – Student Enrolment Team leader Kirstyn Minogue (No relation, in case you’re wondering.)

Kirstyn Minogue’s 5-year plan

No matter where you want to be in 5 years, you need to ask yourself – what’s the plan?

Do you want to take that amazing trip to Europe, own your own home, or climb further up the corporate ladder? Chances are if you don’t plan then you may struggle to achieve your dream.

As a perpetual dreamer, I can tell you the importance of planning. My grand plans have sometimes gone by the way because I just didn’t set myself solid goals. I can’t complain – I’ve set myself a career plan and am doing pretty well at achieving what I want – but there are still so many more things I can do.

For me, the ultimate achievement is to travel and knock all those places off that bucket list – what I really need is a plan to make it happen.
Nobody wants to look back and think ‘if only’…

– If only I had taken that chance

– If only I had thought things through

– If only I dared to dream

– If only I didn’t listen to the people who doubted me

– If only I had believed in myself

So for that reason, here we go – here is my plan:

Step 1: Refine my bucket list

Which places do I want to go first? Let’s face it, I don’t want to be climbing Machu Picchu in my 80’s!

Step 2: Sort the finances

How much is this going to cost me?  I can then tie this into my work goals – nothing helps you kick goals more at work than a personal goal to achieve.

Step 3: Set dates

How many places am I knocking off that bucket list in the next 5 years? If you are anything like me, nothing motivates you more than a deadline.

While the above is just a basic plan, it’s the beginning of bigger and better things to come. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate, go back and start again, or change the whole plan entirely to work around the obstacles that life sometimes throws at you.

The point is that you are thinking and planning ahead, and there’s no chance that you’ll suddenly look back and go “if only”.

So – this is my challenge to you. Sit down and ask yourself, what do I want? Then be daring, take the first step and make it happen.

Thanks Kirstyn – you’re a legend!

A massive thank you to Kirstyn for sharing with us! To chat to Kirstyn and her team about your 5-year plan and to find out how Martin can help make it a reality, call directly on 1300 762 129 or click on the button below.


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