5 Reasons You Should Attend Q&A Night

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Whether you’re considering further study to upskill, climb the corporate ladder or even completely change careers, attending Martin’s Q&A Night is a great first step. You may think you’ve got all the info you need online, but there’s a lot more you can gather from just a few hours at the campus chatting to staff members whose number one priority is your future career.

So why attend Q&A Night? (more…)

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5 signs you’re in the wrong career

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It’s not always obvious, but it’s a fact – a large majority of us are not entirely happy with our job roles. While work is (at its most basic level) a means of staying above the poverty line, it is still something that takes up a vast amount of our time and effort, and has an enormous effect on our overall wellbeing. (more…)

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web developmentWeb development is a fascinating and rapidly evolving industry. If you’re looking to launch into a new career, this industry offers plenty of opportunities. And with information technology courses such as web development available, it’s never too late to learn, no matter your age or previous qualifications. (more…)

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Becoming a freelancer

Posted on 10/09/2014 by admin

online-learningBeing a freelancer is one of the most flexible jobs in the world. You get to be your own boss and create your own working hours, and once you’re established, even set your own pay rate. Graphic designers, marketers, event planners and web development all allow you to go on your freelancing way. And if it’s a career choice you’re hoping to make, we’ve got the tips and tricks to help you get started. (more…)

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Design industry overview

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Learn all about the design industry.


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What you need for a career in design

Posted on 08/07/2014 by admin

portfolioCreativity and passion may be inherent, but a lot of other skills and knowledge are necessary to pursue your passion in design. Here’s a checklist of things you’ll need to get your design career off the ground. (more…)

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The perfect portfolio

Posted on 07/05/2014 by admin

A design portfolio is the best way to display and showcase your past projects, creativity, and talent and get that design job you want, so we’ve put together a helpful overview on what you’ll need to perfect your portfolio. (more…)

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Career as an art director

Posted on 23/03/2014 by admin

Everything you need to know about a career as an art director. (more…)

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Digital Media Jobs

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It’s a digital age and as more and more businesses move towards solidifying their online presence, digital media jobs are blooming. Those employed in digital media industries work across various industries and with various online platforms (web, mobile apps, social media, video, digital imaging) and in various types of roles (developers, programmers, producers, editors, designers). If this is a field you’re considering pursuing, read about some of the exciting places you can go with a digital media job. (more…)

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The word ‘typography’ is derived from the Greek typos (form) and graphe (writing), and refers to the technique of designing and arranging type in order to express written language. However, typography is about more than just setting fonts. It also includes deciding on the arrangement, height, width, and point size of the type, as well as the spaces between the lines and the line length, among other things. (more…)

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