Finding inspiration for graphic design

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The beauty of graphic design is that the creative possibilities are endless. One of the reasons why many people are so drawn to graphic design is the satisfaction they get from creating something that engages others. There’s the thrill of working on a project when your creative juices are flowing, and seeing your client delighted with the end result.

For many people, the inspiration for graphic design starts at a young age. You might have always been a creative thinker who preferred art and design to more fact-based school subjects such as maths and science. Maybe you love to draw, or are interested in creating eye-catching websites. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of working for your favourite magazine or sporting club, or starting your own business. Whatever the case may be, graphic design comes in many different guises and the opportunities are endless. (more…)

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Career in spotlight: Graphic Design

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Colour Book

Do you enjoy being creative? Are you looking for an outlet for your creativity? Have you considered a career in Graphic Design?

Graphic Design can be an exciting and challenging career. It involves visualising a concept and then communicating that concept through a visual form. (more…)

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Imagine – Magazine Cover Design

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Imagine is the Martin College Graphic Design Student Magazine. This 3 minute animation video shows step-by-step, how the front cover of issue no.2 was produced.

The video itself was built up from approximately 500 individual screen shots from the students’ original files and animated frame-by-frame. Some of the work was completed as part of a Multimedia class demonstration to students as a case study in animation production. (more…)

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Spotlight on Graphic Design

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Curious about a career in Graphic Design? Read on to find out what kind of jobs are out there for designers, and what kind of qualifications you need to get ahead in this industry.

Employment Opportunities

The great thing about a career in Graphic Design is that you get paid to be creative on a daily basis. Professionals in this industry report high levels of job satisfaction because they can see the results of their labour. Being a good designer is not just about making things look good – it’s about merging form with function to best communicate an idea. Good designs are ones which satisfy the design brief and get the message across, but great designs manage to do all of this and inspire people too.


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Sparking careers in Graphic Design

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GD might be described as the study of the architecture of ideas. But it can definitely be described as exceptionally competitive. That tends to be the way when an industry, popular and growing, has so much to offer its prospective members. As a consequence, current students need to think consciously ABOUT attaining career advantage. In practice, this means maximising the scope, depth, and appeal of the student portfolio. (more…)

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A certain degree of glamour has attached itself to the Graphic Designer in recent times and it’s easy to see why. A glance in the corner of the CDB café takes in an individual whose designer frames are lit by nothing more than the unmistakable flare of The-Creative-Process-In-Action and the polished chrome of an 18-inch Macbook Pro. (more…)

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Prepress. Film stock emulsion. 12 inch video disk…

What strange words are these? If you aren’t sure, it’s likely you didn’t train or work as a Graphic Designer in the 1970s or 80s. Such terms – once the preserve of a trained elite working with specialised technologies – have apparently passed from polite society. Blame Thank Apple.


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Top 10 tips on becoming a designer

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By Ram Castillo

Ram is a graduate of the Diploma of Graphic Design, which he studied at Martin College Sydney. Since completing his course, Ram has worked for five years as a graphic designer for many top agencies. He recently spoke at the Dig It Graphic Design Showcase, arranged by Martin College students, where he shared these tips and talked about his career and experiences the graphic design industry.


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Exciting Times for Graphic Design

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At the end of a stressful day I can sit back and honestly say I love what I do – creating, thinking, problem solving… making the world a better looking place!
Brian Hoff, creator of The Design Cubicle

If you’re a creative person with an eye for detail, a career in Graphic Design presents a unique opportunity to channel your artistic energy while still earning a decent wage.  Remuneration packages for Graphic Designers are on the rise, with the minimum average annual salary (MyCareer, June 2010) listed as $68,232. But for most people in this industry, the best thing about a career in Graphic Design is that it is often highly rewarding, challenging, and satisfying.


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