Is the mouse facing extinction?

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computer mouse

The computer mouse has been with us for a long time. Early 1980s Apple computers were the first to introduce the public to the benefits of supplementing computer keyboard interactivity with a more spatially oriented pointing device. The mouse gave us the ability to roam onscreen, outside of the limits previously defined by fields reached by hitting the tab or enter key. At the same time, it provided the means with which we could direct our attention to anywhere within the screen’s rectangular boundaries. Its advent produced new ways of regarding the screen space as one large interactive area, and the hand eye coordination required meant that users were able to feel more a part of that interactive process.  (more…)

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How technology has advanced over time

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Technological Advances

Technology advances so quickly that we pretty much expect what we use today to be eclipsed by the next new thing tomorrow. Well, almost that quickly! Most of us remember when mobile phones were the size of house bricks, and the Sony Walkman was overtaken by the Apple iPod, and we thought that happened fast. But technology has moved even faster in the past few years. (more…)

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Skills needed to be a systems admin

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Systems admin

Systems administrators are selected for their high level of competence in the particular technology, and for their ability to execute whatever may be required to keep the system running efficiently. They must communicate this understanding to the staff above and below them in the company hierarchy. This requires them to be able to communicate effectively to technical and non-technical audiences, ensuring that key concepts are relayed effectively to both. Being able to do this is important, as not everybody is capable of re-gearing their technical knowledge into language to suit both audiences. (more…)

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Network Cable

Are you considering one of the computer networking courses available? It could turn out to be an excellent career move. In this highly interconnected world in which we live, we rely upon easy and quick access to information and systems in every aspect of our lives, from ‘googling’ a product we might be interested in on our smartphone before making a purchase decision, to paying our bills online from a tablet device, to using the commute time on public transport to work by connecting to work with a laptop. The communications super highway is a spaghetti bowl of interconnected networks, intermingling and interfacing to make the online magic happen – and it takes a cohort of skilled networking professionals to make sure that the traffic is running smoothly and without a glitch!  (more…)

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Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

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Martin College student preparing presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most widely used presentation software programs. The best PowerPoint presentations communicate the presenter’s message in an engaging manner. Use these practical insights to keep your presentation appealing and effective.  (more…)

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IT Systems: What is a System Administrator?

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Martin College Systems Administrator

We live in a highly interconnected world. In only a few short decades, computer systems have revolutionised the way we work, socialise, do business and go about our daily lives.

The complex systems that we rely on need managing. More and more, users have high expectations about the availability of the systems which they use to go about their lives, and this demands structures to be in place to make sure systems are available when we need them. This is the mission of a System Administrator or “SysAdmin” to those in the know: to keep systems up and available and users connected and happy. (more…)

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Spotlight on Information Technology

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Curious about a career in IT? Keep reading to find out what kind of jobs are out there for IT professionals, and what kind of qualifications you need to get ahead in this industry.

Employment Opportunities

The truly exciting thing about working in IT is that you can get a job in virtually any industry. All companies rely on technology to keep their business running smoothly and effectively, and demand for people with the right skills only continues to grow. IT forms the backbone of any business infrastructure, which is why job prospects for IT professionals are consistently good.


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Career Opportunities in IT

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“The golden age for an IT led innovation revolution has begun.”
-Julian Wee, Technology and Transformation Executive, IBM

A career in IT has many advantages. First of all, as John Harvey (executive director of IBM) points out: “IT underpins every industry”. Information Technology is a vital component of any business, and as such there are many employment opportunities out there for those with the right training and experience.


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