Travel is all about the details, people.

Posted on 05/06/2016 by admin

Student feature: Brittany Brasher

Since graduating from Martin, Brittany has made her dream of a career in travel and tourism a reality. Brittany is currently a full-time corporate travel consultant for American Express Global Business Travel – and she loves it. (more…)

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Where do you turn for inspiration? Do you have a favourite blog, Facebook or Instagram account you follow? Well if you’re looking for a little extra inspiration to boost your next project, then you’re in luck! We’ve had a chat to our experts over at Martin and they’ve sent over their favourite tumblr and Instagram accounts. (more…)

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Top Trend of 2016: Material Design

Posted on 30/05/2016 by admin

If you live and breathe all things design, then chances are you have already heard about Material Design. Launched in June 2014 by the design deities at Google, this visual language incorporates flat design trends to create simplistic visuals. (more…)

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Six portfolio tips from a Senior Designer

Posted on 27/05/2016 by admin

First impressions count. This is true for any first impression you want to make. Whether it be during an interview, meeting a new contact or showing off your portfolio, you want to make sure you’re sending the right message. You want to tell your future employer, client or colleague that you’re professional, proficient and above all authentic. (more…)

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SlideShare: Street art around the world

Posted on 18/05/2016 by admin

Street art and graphic design have a lot in common. Both require technical skill and design savvy; both are powerful visual communication tools that convey a strong message. And both are incredibly pleasing to the eye. (more…)

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Why you don’t need a New Year’s resolution

Posted on 13/01/2016 by Shalini Menon

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the New Year began and most of us beginning to powering through our ‘unique’ New Year’s resolutions. Whether it be losing weight, applying for that job, asking for a promotion or going on that date, everyone has their dream. That one thing that they can do in the next 352 days which will change their life. But why? (more…)

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Happily ever after starts now for Ed & Liza

Posted on 01/12/2015 by admin

Friday began as any other day. The sun was trying to peak out from behind the clouds and (although it was only 17 degrees), this was going to be a magical day. Why you ask? Well because this is the day that Ed & Liza (the Marry Me Martin winners) finally became husband and wife. (more…)

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Behinds the scenes of a modern love story

Posted on 25/11/2015 by admin

Earlier this year, Lisa Pout began her Diploma of Travel and Tourism at Martin. Since commencing her studies, Lisa has gained a wealth of knowledge and now finds herself on the board of an exclusive project as a student representative in Melbourne. (more…)

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Valentine’s day 2015 – Edward Dixon drops a knee and finally proposes to Liza Galantai. You would expect that it has been all sunshine and rainbows since that magical day in February, but times have been tough for Ed and Liz. (more…)

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Even if you’re 100% sure about what industry you want to work within, life in your dream career might be a little bit different than you think. Sometimes it is just not what you expect when you enter the workforce, even if you’re prepared with the most up-to-date qualifications. (more…)

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