Behinds the scenes of a modern love story

Posted on 25/11/2015 by admin

Earlier this year, Lisa Pout began her Diploma of Travel and Tourism at Martin. Since commencing her studies, Lisa has gained a wealth of knowledge and now finds herself on the board of an exclusive project as a student representative in Melbourne. (more…)

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Did you know that on average people make 35,000 decisions a day? Seriously we do. Whether we’re deciding where to go for lunch, which project to finish first or whether to go to the gym after work or not, the majority of our day is made up making decisions. (more…)

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Top secret: Meet the Ikea Hackers

Posted on 11/11/2015 by admin

At some point in your life (regardless of age or ability), chances are that you have tried a DIY project. Whether it was updating the door handles on your wardrobe, spray painting the life back into your favourite chair or creating the world’s best mural, $10 you have given decorating a try. (more…)

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Wanderlust time: 10 top travel spots of 2016

Posted on 09/11/2015 by admin

After spending the entire week inside, watching the rain clouds engulf the Sydney skyline and running through constant (hair fuzzing) rain, you can understand why I’ve turned to Googling tropical destinations. (more…)

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Whether you’re just beginning your journey towards becoming a Graphic Designer or you’re in the thick of a job hunt, the career possibilities that are available to you are truly life changing. Take one of our successful graduates Ram Castillo for example. (more…)

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Creating a mini garden is easier than you think

Posted on 02/11/2015 by admin

Believe it or not, adding a little extra life to a room isn’t as hard as you think. From hanging a fern to creating a little cactus garden in your office cubical, miniature gardens can fit into any space. (more…)

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It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting around for somewhere to study next year or if you just want a sneak peek at our new campus, you’ll get more than you expect when you attend the Melbourne Open Day. (more…)

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After a rigorous and lengthy selection process, Martin student Zaki Haidari has been named a finalist for the prestigious NSW International Student of the Year Award!  Warren Jacobson, Managing Director Australasia, along with Elizabeth Lovell, Director of Operations Australasia, (more…)

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Are you crazy successful?

Posted on 09/10/2015 by admin

When it comes to making your mark in a particular industry or job, the number one thing to remember is to be yourself. But what happens if that person tends to be a little (ok TOTALLY) nutty? (more…)

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Nine indestructible houseplants you MUST have

Posted on 02/10/2015 by admin

Do you love the thought of having greenery in your life but know that you are not the most responsible person? Want to know how you can have houseplants in your home without having to ‘care’ for them? Well if you’re like me and the thought of killing yet another plant runs shivers down your spine, then look at these nine hardy houseplants. (more…)

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