Brightly: Start Here, Go Places.

Posted on 07/04/2016 by admin

Martin, meet Brightly – Your hub of inspiration!

Your time at Martin should be filled with positive and transformational experiences – both inside and outside of the classroom. When it comes time for you to graduate, Martin wants you to feel confident that you’re prepared to enter the next chapter of your life. We believe that confidence and skills come from engagement with peers, mentors, experts and tools that guide you along your journey. (more…)

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Why you don’t need a New Year’s resolution

Posted on 13/01/2016 by Shalini Menon

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the New Year began and most of us beginning to powering through our ‘unique’ New Year’s resolutions. Whether it be losing weight, applying for that job, asking for a promotion or going on that date, everyone has their dream. That one thing that they can do in the next 352 days which will change their life. But why? (more…)

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Although she hasn’t been a graduate for very long, Michelle Joseph is well on her way to becoming the next big thing in the events industry. Having studied a Diploma of Events and a Certificate IV in Graphic Design at Martin, Michelle was well equipped to begin working within this dynamic industry. (more…)

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Whether you want to add a little magic to your dining table or you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to give to your Kris Kringle, these festive jars will be a sure-fire hit. (more…)

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Marketing a wedding, do you have what it takes?

Posted on 23/11/2015 by admin

Meet Martin student Pauline Alevers. Studying a Diploma of Marketing at the Melbourne campus, Pauline is currently using her marketing skills to promote the very first Martin wedding. From collecting visual content to gathering responses from the other students, working on this collaborative project has been a highlight in Pauline’s year. (more…)

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Valentine’s day 2015 – Edward Dixon drops a knee and finally proposes to Liza Galantai. You would expect that it has been all sunshine and rainbows since that magical day in February, but times have been tough for Ed and Liz. (more…)

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Top secret: Meet the Ikea Hackers

Posted on 11/11/2015 by admin

At some point in your life (regardless of age or ability), chances are that you have tried a DIY project. Whether it was updating the door handles on your wardrobe, spray painting the life back into your favourite chair or creating the world’s best mural, $10 you have given decorating a try. (more…)

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Wanderlust time: 10 top travel spots of 2016

Posted on 09/11/2015 by admin

After spending the entire week inside, watching the rain clouds engulf the Sydney skyline and running through constant (hair fuzzing) rain, you can understand why I’ve turned to Googling tropical destinations. (more…)

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Whether you’re just beginning your journey towards becoming a Graphic Designer or you’re in the thick of a job hunt, the career possibilities that are available to you are truly life changing. Take one of our successful graduates Ram Castillo for example. (more…)

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Do you live in or around Melbourne? Are you looking to study now or in the New Year? Want to get a glimpse at our new state-of-the-art campus? If you answered yes to all of these questions and you’re keen to test out what it’s like to be a Martin student, (more…)

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