Are you the creative type?

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There are many different ways that someone can be ‘creative’, and at Martin we encourage all of them. Whether you are pursuing further studies for interest or for a completely new career direction, it’s important that you follow your passions – no matter how ‘different’ they may be. Authenticity is truly an asset.

Our graphic design students tend to be highly imaginative, open-minded, and inspired. (They are great!) Regardless of what your desired outcomes are, design skills are hugely valuable to any role, in any industry. They help you approach problems from different angles, and – apologies for the overused cliché – to ‘think outside the box’. (I know; I cringed too.) Creative people aren’t all artists or musicians; they can be found in every type of job role imaginable.

So – are you the creative type?

> You embrace change and spontaneity – it keeps things interesting!

> You are deeply passionate about what you do, and strive for great outcomes.

> You sometimes feel stifled or constrained by rules… you might be a bit of a rebel.

> You often find yourself daydreaming; implanting yourself into fantasy worlds or situations.

> You don’t mind having some alone time just to think and reflect; you see the value of setting aside time for contemplation.

> You reject conventional ways of thinking for a broader and more interesting approach.

> You might be quite emotional at times, but you look for ways to channel that in a positive way.

> You are open to new and unique experiences, with the mindset that we never stop learning.

If you answered YES to 4 or more, you are almost certainly a creative person! And as someone with an open mind and a passionate soul, you will love our Fierce Dada event – and you are cordially invited.

Martin’s ‘Fierce Collective’ is hosting FIERCE DADA as part of the Anywhere Festival. The Brisbane-based Anywhere Festival occurs annually to celebrate performance and art – usually in the most non-traditional venues they can find. The FierceDADA event on 12 May 2016 has been organised by students and lecturers in the design faculty. Entry is free, and all forms of creative expression are encouraged!

To learn more and to RSVP, just click on the button below. It’s set to be a night to remember – we hope to see you there!


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