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Whether a person earns a living through marketing activities or performs them without pay in non-business settings, marketing knowledge and skills are valuable assets – Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand.

The role of a marketer underpins much of the activity of a modern business – bringing products and services to the customer in a way that is innovative and enticing. The challenge of a career in Marketing is not just to generate demand for a product or service, but to create systems that make it possible for the customer to get what they want, when they want it, at a price they are prepared to pay.

What does Marketing involve?

Marketing is too often seen simply as advertising, but that’s just the visible side of a marketer’s role. Marketing professionals will carefully research the market to understand their competitors, and then create strategies designed to place their business’s products ahead of others in the market. Marketers will also work with other professionals in the areas of advertising, public relations, design, copywriting, media planning and event management to promote and distribute their products.

In addition to strategic thinking expertise, Marketing professionals also need skills in budget management, research, communications, and project management to ensure they add value to their business.

What are employers looking for?

“When I am looking to hire new marketing staff I want someone who is a great communicator, highly organised and who can see the big picture,” says Sarah Graham, General Manager of Sales and Marketing of Study Group’s Career Education Division.

“Marketing professionals need to be able to show they understand the sales process and what makes customers tick and then translate this into strategies and actions which ultimately increase the sales in our business.”

Marketing success stories

“I still love the fast pace of marketing, the mix of creativity and rigour, and the results in terms of changed consumer behaviour (and increased bottom line). And with new media and technologies, it is even more exciting now, thanks to an increased level of complexity – a great challenge.” – Max Bonpain, Head of Marketing, Telecommunications Division, Samsung Electronics Australia

“Since studying and then working in marketing for more than 15 years, one thing still rings true – that it’s all about the customer. Customer needs and their environments are constantly changing, marketing is constantly changing, which keeps it exciting!” – Alexis Le Clerc, Head of Acquisition Marketing, St George Bank

“Nothing stands still, you have to continually renew and refresh your knowledge – a built-in formula for personal renewal. How good is that?” – Graeme Chipp, Managing Director, Growth Solutions Group

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Getting your career started

After completion of the Diploma of Marketing a career in marketing can be enhanced by becoming a member of a professional body such as the Australian Marketing Institute or the Marketing Association of Australian and New Zealand. These organisations assist marketers to keep up-to-date with the ever changing world of marketing and business.

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