How to Write a Marketing Plan

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Writing marketing plan

Marketing is integral to any area of business. Regardless of your career path, you can benefit from understanding marketing principles and practice, including how to write a marketing plan. Marketing plans are particularly useful to executives and managers who want to communicate a marketing strategy to staff and coordinate marketing tasks.  (more…)

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Explore the use of colour

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Colour Book

The use of colour can inspire a range of different human emotions. We associate different colours with different meanings and contexts. For this reason, the use of colour in graphic design can be leveraged to enhance the effect of graphics in a variety of ways, often with strong commercial outcomes for areas such as branding and marketing.  (more…)

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Transforming Data into Knowledge

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Martin College students researching

For entrepreneurs and businesses, market research is a crucial tool for everything from strategy, to product development and planning. What is market research, exactly? Market research is the process by which a business gathers data about markets and customers. It enables businesses to identify market needs, size, competition, habits, and trends.  (more…)

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Time Management: Studying Smarter

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Martin College student reading book

Many college students find that the abundance of free or unstructured time at college can get away from them as they try to balance study and a busy social life. To counteract this, students can learn to develop good time management skills. Learning time management skills will not only support you in achieving your academic goals, it will facilitate a better study-life balance.  (more…)

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Communication Tips

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Have you ever said or written something that was interpreted in the wrong way? Most of us have probably had that experience at least once. Effective communication is a valuable skill for everyone, regardless of your industry or role. Whether you’re dealing with clients, colleagues, or staff, communication skills are integral to the workplace. We look at some practical communication skills for the workplace and how to develop them.  (more…)

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Managing an Event

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Martin College Events Student

Event planning requires balancing competing roles as well as strong project management skills. A well-planned event achieves your stated objectives, engages your target audience, stays within budget, and unfolds with logistical success.

We look at some of the key issues to keep in mind when planning an event…  (more…)

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 Martin College students travelling

With a globalised market place, there’s no industry more closely linked with cultural awareness than the travel and tourism industry. From front-line customer service to marketing and product development, understanding cultural norms is the foundation to successful interaction with customers and partners in and from different countries. Formal cultural awareness training could well be the stepping stone to a successful career path in this industry. Cultural awareness can provide real economic benefit, especially to those working in the tourism industry.  (more…)

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Why is sleep so important?

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 Martin College student outdoors happy

Developing a good sleep routine could be the key to a happier, more successful, and healthful time at college. Studies have established a clear link between sleep, cognitive performance, and health. Learning how to sleep can take a little practice and experimenting, but the results could be well worth your time.  (more…)

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Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

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Martin College student preparing presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most widely used presentation software programs. The best PowerPoint presentations communicate the presenter’s message in an engaging manner. Use these practical insights to keep your presentation appealing and effective.  (more…)

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Study Life Balance

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Martin College students walking

Balancing your study commitments with rewarding social and leisure activities is the key to making the most of your time at college. By keeping focused and well organised, you can learn how to study at college while living a balanced life. Striking the right balance is possible whether you’re new to college life or returning to study after some time away.  (more…)

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