Am I going to make friends at college?

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Students at Martin College

The thought of starting over somewhere new is always daunting. Leaving school and heading off to college is particularly overwhelming.  New place, new timetable, new teachers….and for some, the number one worry, new friends? (more…)

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Is an Online Course Good for you?

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Is An Online Course Good For You? - Keyboard

Considering online learning?

If you are contemplating study and attending a traditional full-time course on campus isn’t possible, online learning might be the answer. Thanks to the web and modern home computers, it is now possible to enhance your skills and gain recognised qualifications through online study. (more…)

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Stressing over an exam?

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As the days ’til the exam gets fewer, the level of your stress increases. It’s been giving you mini anxiety attacks just by the thought of it. Its part of the whole college experience and it is at its peak during exams just because you have a lot riding on it. The trick, however, is to not let it get the best of you. You have to learn to control it before it takes over your life. (more…)

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The Quick Guide to VET-FEE Help

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It goes without saying that funding your higher education experience is a big consideration when deciding whether to study. For the majority, graduation will mean receiving a qualification in one hand and a certain level of debt in the other. Thankfully, the Commonwealth Government has introduced loan schemes, such as VET-FEE Help, that can help reduce the stress around funding your studies. (more…)

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Having an “aha!” moment

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What is an “aha!” moment?

Aha moments are moments where you feel your thinking light bulb goes on. It is a moment of instant revelation. A moment of clarity where you suddenly gain wisdom that can become a turning point in your life.  It may either be big or small and sometimes it may even come as surprise but it usually makes you a little calmer and see things a little clearer. Whatever it may be about, it will help you approach things with a new perspective. (more…)

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Pathways to University

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Campus exterior

Earning a qualification at a recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO) not only has immediate benefits for your skills knowledge, work-readiness, and general employability – it can also potentially lead to a place at university. Some colleges in Australia have programs that provide a pathway to university, enabling those who don’t qualify for direct entry out of high school to still find their way into undergraduate degrees. Or it can be a perfect option for someone who feels the leap straight into university out of high school is a bit too daunting. You can think of it as a stop gap between high school and university. Providing students with a stepping stone between the two levels of education by ensuring they are prepared while completing the first stages of their tertiary studies in a nurturing environment. (more…)

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The Rough Guide to Tertiary Education Providers

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Martin College Students

The tertiary education landscape in Australia has never been more diverse. While this means more choice for high school graduates, it can also mean greater confusion. You will be trying to find the right qualification to suit your personal and professional goals and it’s important to understand what’s out there in terms of providers. (more…)

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Global Leadership Forum

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As Martin College Event Students we had the opportunity to volunteer for the Global leadership forum presented by the Growth Faculty at the Sydney Convention Centre. This event consisted of a powerful one-day seminar featuring six leaders of global business, Martha Stewart, Russell Simmons, George Clooney, Muhammad Yunus, Jeff Taylor and Michael Fertik. (more…)

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A Marketing Career in the Spotlight

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A Marketing Career in the Spotlight

Let’s start off with what marketing is all about. The underlying theory of marketing first evolved at least two centuries ago and in the latter half of the nineteenth century a lot of today’s marketing practices were established. The American Marketing Association (AMA), one of the largest professional bodies in the field has set a definition for what marketing is.

“Marketing is an organisational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering customer value to customers and managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organisation and its stakeholders.”


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Getting back on track for 2012

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So you’ve just completed one of the most challenging years of your life. The HSC has both physically and mentally drained you and now all you want to do is relax and start to enjoy your life again.

You’re probably battling a lot of mixed emotions about now:


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