Top 10 tips on becoming a designer

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By Ram Castillo

Ram is a graduate of the Diploma of Graphic Design, which he studied at Martin College Sydney. Since completing his course, Ram has worked for five years as a graphic designer for many top agencies. He recently spoke at the Dig It Graphic Design Showcase, arranged by Martin College students, where he shared these tips and talked about his career and experiences the graphic design industry.


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Top 10 tips for making a career change

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  1. Remember that a career change is normal and that most people will change careers between three and five times in their working life.
  2. Take time to think about what you really want to do and don’t rush into a career change. Make sure you research your chosen field to find out more about what is really involved. (more…)
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Study Smart is the online learning platform used by all Martin College students and staff. Recently, with the growth of our Distance Education program, it became apparent that an upgrade to the existing Study Smart system was necessary to cater to the divergent needs of our ever-expanding student body. Hence, after months of development, a new version of Study Smart will be launched on Friday 1st April.


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Career Opportunities in IT

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“The golden age for an IT led innovation revolution has begun.”
-Julian Wee, Technology and Transformation Executive, IBM

A career in IT has many advantages. First of all, as John Harvey (executive director of IBM) points out: “IT underpins every industry”. Information Technology is a vital component of any business, and as such there are many employment opportunities out there for those with the right training and experience.


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Exciting Times for Graphic Design

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At the end of a stressful day I can sit back and honestly say I love what I do – creating, thinking, problem solving… making the world a better looking place!
Brian Hoff, creator of The Design Cubicle

If you’re a creative person with an eye for detail, a career in Graphic Design presents a unique opportunity to channel your artistic energy while still earning a decent wage.  Remuneration packages for Graphic Designers are on the rise, with the minimum average annual salary (MyCareer, June 2010) listed as $68,232. But for most people in this industry, the best thing about a career in Graphic Design is that it is often highly rewarding, challenging, and satisfying.


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Market Demand for Events Coordinators

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“Event planning is a huge, lucrative market, ripe with opportunity, and it just continues to expand.” – Linda Kevich, founder and director of the International Institute of Weddings

If you’ve been considering a career in Events, there’s never been a better time to get started. While other industries are still recovering from the GFC, job listings for Events Organisers are increasing – with strong growth forecasted for 2011/12.

Events can also be a financially rewarding career for graduates, with an average annual salary of around $59,000 (MyCareer, Dec 2009).


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Marketing – so much more than advertising

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Whether a person earns a living through marketing activities or performs them without pay in non-business settings, marketing knowledge and skills are valuable assets – Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand.

The role of a marketer underpins much of the activity of a modern business – bringing products and services to the customer in a way that is innovative and enticing. The challenge of a career in Marketing is not just to generate demand for a product or service, but to create systems that make it possible for the customer to get what they want, when they want it, at a price they are prepared to pay.


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An Investment in Your Future

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It’s a well known phrase – earning a qualification is an investment in your future.   For some  professions such as medicine, accountancy or law, holding formal qualifications is compulsory.  However, if you plan to follow a career path where membership of a regulatory or professional body is not obligatory, the benefit of investing in a qualification can seem less clear.

We look at 5 compelling reasons why studying for a recognised qualification in areas such as business, events, graphic design, IT and tourism can be your ticket to career success:


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Is Full-time Study History?

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In recent years we’ve found that business colleges like ours have had to change their course structure to suit students’ needs. Our courses have had to become more flexible and students can pick and choose the courses they’re interested in.

Many students want a business diploma or IT diploma in the shortest amount of time to reflect their goal to have everything now, but some want to take as long as they need to complete their studies to accommodate work – life balance.


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Generation Y, the generation all others love to hate because of its perceived poor work ethics, has now been uncovered as the age group most likely to want to change careers, even though they may have just started in one.

In a survey we did 81% of the same age group indicated they already hold or are studying towards additional qualifications outside of school, indicating that they might not stay in the same place for long if there’s no opportunity to advance their career using their qualifications as a stepping stone to a more satisfying future.


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