An Investment in Your Future

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It’s a well known phrase – earning a qualification is an investment in your future.   For some  professions such as medicine, accountancy or law, holding formal qualifications is compulsory.  However, if you plan to follow a career path where membership of a regulatory or professional body is not obligatory, the benefit of investing in a qualification can seem less clear.

We look at 5 compelling reasons why studying for a recognised qualification in areas such as business, events, graphic design, IT and tourism can be your ticket to career success:

1) Boost your resume
It’s a competitive world out there and with many resumes to choose from, a potential employer will look for reasons to choose one candidate over another before you’ve even had the chance to meet them.  As long as you’re applying for jobs at an appropriate level, a relevant and recognised qualification from a reputable institution will make you a stronger candidate, and help to differentiate you in a competitive labour market.

2) It signals your intent
If you have paid for, studied and graduated with a relevant qualification, it’s a serious statement about your career objectives, showing your commitment and motivation to work in a particular area.

3) Competence
A formal qualification shows that you have achieved specified levels of competence in certain areas, have covered the key topics, read the right materials and will have the same points of reference as other professionals.  You wouldn’t apply for your first marketing job without having studied the 4 Ps or plan to get into IT without knowing your way around database design…

4) Achievement
It proves that you are capable of studying and achieving at a particular level in a set timeframe.  This says a lot about you and your ability to comprehend, process and use what you’ve learned.

5) Confidence
The feeling of achievement, knowing that you’ve done the hard yards and succeeded is a great confidence boost.  In addition to the feel good factor, you can be confident in your ability and knowledge in a particular subject area, which is particularly useful in job interviews for example.  You will be able to articulate yourself confidently around a subject, knowing that the knowledge and experience gained during your studies is what it should be – industry relevant and up-to-date.

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