Is Full-time Study History?

Posted on 09/02/2011 by admin

In recent years we’ve found that business colleges like ours have had to change their course structure to suit students’ needs. Our courses have had to become more flexible and students can pick and choose the courses they’re interested in.

Many students want a business diploma or IT diploma in the shortest amount of time to reflect their goal to have everything now, but some want to take as long as they need to complete their studies to accommodate work – life balance.

The way we deliver courses has changed so much recently. For example our Diploma of Business was only offered in full time classes, but for many students this just didn’t work for them. Now we’re making courses available part time and online. We’re almost wondering if the day of the full time student is over and maybe all study will be a blend of on-campus and online study.

One thing’s for sure though, students will always want in the interaction with teaching staff who know their subject area so it’s important for us to maintain access to teaching staff in both the campus classes and the online environment.

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