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Earlier this year, Lisa Pout began her Diploma of Travel and Tourism at Martin. Since commencing her studies, Lisa has gained a wealth of knowledge and now finds herself on the board of an exclusive project as a student representative in Melbourne.

This project (Marry Me Martin) sees events, graphic design, web design, business and marketing students take the unprecedented step of organising a young couple’s upcoming wedding – free of cost!

The close bond that she formed with the couple (Liza and Ed) as well as the fun she had working her team, made Lisa’s whole experience highly enjoyable.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with the couple Liza and Ed. I’ve also really enjoyed working with everyone else involved with Marry Me Martin. We have such a great team involved which makes this such a fun project to be involved in.”

Lisa credits her unique experience on being able to engage with other Martin students outside of the classroom, while getting the opportunity to witness their talents and skills first hand.

 “This has been a great experience because most of the time you’re in your own little bubble with the course you’re doing you don’t really see what other Martin students are up to. So I found it great seeing what some of the other students do and how talented they are at the field of study they are doing!”

Overall, Lisa believes that the most important thing that she will take away from this experience, is the ability to realistically deal with clients. Effectively meeting their goals while working within a tight budget is yet another skill that Lisa will undoubtedly take into her future career.

Looks like this is the beginning of a wonderful career for Lisa, and we at Martin wish her all luck 🙂


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