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Posted on 26/04/2016 by Tyson Day

I have always been fascinated by the people who answer the question, “hi, how are you?” with an “okay for a Monday”.  I think to myself, what does that actually mean? What would make your Monday better? Then I find myself asking further questions.

What makes someone answer this question this way? Why do they find Mondays so bad? Does it have something to do with their job? Or is it just a throwaway line that a lot of people seem to use, perhaps because it seems to be the norm?

Let’s assume it’s a throwaway line and people say it because others do, and they aren’t actually thinking the whole sentence through. Let’s be honest – everyone has a tendency to do this occasionally.

What is Mondayitis? 

Surely there are ways to get people thinking differently and out of this little rut. I started doing some reading on the term ‘Mondayitis’ and strategies on how to combat this particular feeling, because according to the majority of people that I have met, this feeling  is far too common in both students and professionals.  ‘Mondayitis’ is defined by Wiktionary as ‘the tired and apathetic feeling experienced by persons returning to work on a Monday after the weekend.’

Combating Mondayitis

After trolling the internet for info on how to combat ‘Mondayitis’, I came across an article written by Alice Boyes in Psychology Today which shared particular strategies to get your Monday off to a flying start. A main standout for me was the concept of planning your work week with activities you will look forward to. If you don’t particularly enjoy your job, make sure that you have something outside of work that you can’t wait to get to most nights. It could be a social sports team or even a foot massage!  Alternatively, if the above is not possible, look at the tasks that you don’t enjoy within your job and come up possible ways to enjoy them with your work colleagues. Think outside the box!

The important thing to remember when starting work on Monday is to think of a way that will get you off to a flying start. It may be as simple as scheduling a catch-up and quick meeting with your team, or planning your day so that it flows effectively. Remember, if anything you should feel more refreshed after the weekend than any other day of the week – so let’s start acting like it.

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