Are you crazy successful?

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When it comes to making your mark in a particular industry or job, the number one thing to remember is to be yourself. But what happens if that person tends to be a little (ok TOTALLY) nutty? Well good news my fellow crazy creatives, our minds (and personality) help us make a lasting impact with our employers, teachers and friends.

So how can you turn your crazy creative mind into your ticket to success? It’s easy! Just have a look at the five reasons below and discover how you can use your nuttiness to build your dream career.

Five reasons why a ‘crazy mind’ can help you succeed

1. You will not care what people think of you: When you’re comfortable and confident with who you are, you are less likely to care about what others think. This personality trait will help you stay out of all that office politics and focus on the most important project – your self-development.

2. You don’t let other people tell you what to do: The best thing about being a little nutty is that you LOVE to think outside the box. This trait allows you to not only challenge how things have always been done, but provides you with an opportunity to do it your own way (even if you have to talk your boss into it).

3. Fear will not control your actions: With craziness comes an endearing confidence towards your own actions and ideas. This allows you to not only try new things and processes but in doing so you can put your own spin on an idea or project.

4. You will create your own path: When you combine the above personality traits together what do you get – a unique employee. These creative minded employees are not only able to adapt to new situations, but (if they chose) they are more likely to successfully transition into a new career or industry.

5. You will learn to go with your gut: Intuition is one personality trait that you either have or you don’t. Creative / nutty people will often base decisions (be those personal or work related) around how they feel. This ability to trust in yourself and your decisions makes for one straight-shooting employee – and who doesn’t want one of those?


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