Creating a mini garden is easier than you think

Posted on 02/11/2015 by admin

Believe it or not, adding a little extra life to a room isn’t as hard as you think. From hanging a fern to creating a little cactus garden in your office cubical, miniature gardens can fit into any space. So how do you create this unique piece of vegetation? Can you create a planter out of everyday items? What sort of plants can you use to build your new little Eden?

Well thankfully the Interior Design team at Martin have gotten together and listed their favourite miniature gardens, planters and plants, so all you need to do  is head down to your local Bunnings, salvage a cup from the Salvos and you’ve got a new miniature garden (you’re welcome!).

What will you use as a planter?

When deciding what planter to use for your mini garden, there are a lot of unique options. From using a decorative teacup to drilling a few holes in the bottom of a baked bean can, the sky is the limit when it comes to creative planter ideas. You can even use jars, penholders, glasses or decorative hangers – just be sure that the plants you choose will survive (and thrive) in their new home.

When choosing the perfect plants, cactuses and succulents are the best choice as they need very little care or attention. If you have a ‘greener thumb’, then why not try growing some herbs or strawberries – both of which are easy to maintain and double as handy kitchen aids. Just be sure that the planter that they are in allows for proper drainage and your unique planter is good to go!

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