Nine indestructible houseplants you MUST have

Posted on 02/10/2015 by admin

Do you love the thought of having greenery in your life but know that you are not the most responsible person? Want to know how you can have houseplants in your home without having to ‘care’ for them? Well if you’re like me and the thought of killing yet another plant runs shivers down your spine, then look at these nine hardy houseplants.

1. Buy a bunch of Chrysanthemums: These ever-blooming flowers are perfect for when you want to add a little extra colour (and life) to a room without having to worry about the flowers drooping.

2. Invest in a spider plant: This ‘hard to kill’ plant loves direct sunlight and is perfect for busy individuals who forget that (sometimes) plants actually need water.

3. Drop a Dracaena: Available in over 40 different varieties, this hardy plant is perfect for adding extra personality to a room. Warning: If you have pets, you might want to choose another plant, as the leaves are toxic to both cats & dogs.

4. Fall in love with a Ficus (weeping fig): Native to Southeast Asia, this evergreen tree is ideal for adding extra height and presence to a room. Combining air-cleaning abilities with low maintenance, adding a Ficus to your home or office will ensure that your friends never suspect you don’t have a green thumb.

5. Peace out with a Peace Lily: Easy to grow and flowering all summer long, this easy to grow houseplant will make a statement in any room. Perfect as a housewarming gift, this plant loves the shade and the occasional watering.

6. Bust-out with a Boston fern: This easy to grow, hardy and water loving plant makes the perfect addition to any room. Want to take your gardening abilities up a notch? Then why not plant your fern in a vase or large fishbowl – it’s terrarium time!

7. Stock-up on Snake Plants: If you have a hard time keeping plants alive (and this includes the fake ones) then this is the plant for you. SUPER hard to kill, this plant only needs watering every once and a while, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy its beautiful yellow and green leaves.

8. It’s Bamboo time! This wet-and-forget plant is a go-to for anyone looking to introduce some greenery into their home or office. Planted in a small pot or arranged in a vase full of water, bamboo is both pet and busy people friendly – yay!

9. Load up on the Aloe Vera: Not only is this evergreen plant great for adding an exotic feel to a room, it also has great antibacterial properties. From reducing the look of pimples to sanitising that paper cut, having an Aloe Vera plant in the room will ensure that you stay happy and healthy.

Want to know more about these indestructible houseplants? Then check out this article, have a chat to the guys down at your local gardening store OR just ask your grandmother – chances are she knows (and probably has) a few hardy plants you could purchase.


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