For many students when they begin their education journey, they spend a lot of energy and focus on the classroom. Projects, lectures, assessments and discussions are all pieces of the pie that make up a formal education.Those elements are important in building knowledge and getting qualified – but that doesn’t mean they should be viewed as the sole way of learning.

What is learning outside of the classroom?

It’s focusing on elements that you can’t experience within the four walls of a classroom, and finding opportunities to put the skills you are learning about into a practical situation.

‘Classroom learning’ (whether online or on-campus) is vital to gaining a qualification. The difference between successful professionals and others is their mindset – their desire to continue learning once they finish that qualification.

Mindset is a powerful thing

If you are constantly opening your mind to knowledge, there is a much higher chance you will take in that knowledge. Too many people think they just need one certificate or degree to get the job they want, but the mindset of continuous learning is something that should be ongoing throughout an individual’s life and career.

A few ways that you can practice continuous learning:

Mentoring: Meet up with someone who has the skills and knowledge that you want. Mentoring is great because you are gaining tips and knowledge first hand from someone who has walked the path before you.

Reading: In this day and age, you can find an article on any piece of information you want. Google It!  Not to mention books are amazing – they really allow you to immerse yourself into a topic.

Networking: One of the best ways to learn is through other people, and by having conversations with a purpose. Networking allows you to engage with like-minded professionals who tend to have the same desired outcome – you guessed it – continuous learning.

The importance of an open mindset is vital to any of these processes. Without this, it is difficult to take on the knowledge that you need to succeed in your career.

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