Whether you’re just beginning your journey towards becoming a Graphic Designer or you’re in the thick of a job hunt, the career possibilities that are available to you are truly life changing. Take one of our successful graduates Ram Castillo for example.

Meet Ram

For 12 years, Ram has been a regular feature in fast-paced creative agencies, where he has worked on a number of big brands including Audi, McDonalds, Google and Louis Vuitton. Over this time, his career has gone from strength-to-strength with his current role involving being a freelance Design Director, Senior Designer or Senior Art Director on large design projects. Ram has also created a book about getting a job as a designer as well as numerous webinars and seminars about finding work (and keeping it) in the design industry.

To find out more about Ram, his design journey or to read about his book, just visit the Giant Thinkers website.


Connect with Ram and get tips & tricks first-hand

Want to know more about what it takes to be a successful Graphic Designer? Interested to learn about life working in an agency? Need some tips to help you take your job hunt to the next level? Well why not ask Ram! Follow or contact him on social media and discover how you can turn your Graphic Design degree from Martin into your ticket to success – just like he did!


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