Did you know that on average people make 35,000 decisions a day? Seriously we do. Whether we’re deciding where to go for lunch, which project to finish first or whether to go to the gym after work or not, the majority of our day is made up making decisions.

Now imagine if you could get rid of one of the most menial decisions you have to make each day – choosing what to wear – would it change your life? Well believe it or not, a large number of successful people have done just that, allowing them to use their extra brain power to make some truly remarkable decisions.

Dressing down your ‘biggest’ decision

Creating a ‘work uniform’ for each day of the week helps to not only cut down on the time you waste getting ready in the morning, but it will also remove one of the biggest issues faced by fashion conscious people – having nothing to wear.

Choosing what to wear each day is a lot easier than you think, with some professionals choosing to purchase multiple versions of the same suit, skirt (or if you’re Mark Zuckerberg) t-shirt. All you need to do is select five outfits that you like wearing, assign them to a particular day and you’re good to go. You can always add a new accessory to freshen up your outfit, but overall this decision busting process will help you to streamline your mornings while allowing you to concentrate on more important things – like your career.


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